Hague Apostille: What is it and what is it for?

In the day-to-day running of any company, a large amount of documentation appears and is generated, both originating from the company’s own activity and from or to administrations. In a digitised world, physical paper takes a back seat and everything is digital. This is where a certificate of authenticity of the documents becomes particularly meaningful. […]

Medical document translation: Four main types

 Healthcare is becoming more globalized each year, and medical workers need to communicate in other languages on a regular basis. Medical document translation makes it possible to treat patients promptly and appropriately, and it allows clinicians and researchers stay current with what’s happening around the world in their specialities. When language barriers are removed, more […]

Regional Manager – Japan

Do you want to help customers to be satisfied with the product and help the product to improve to satisfy more customers? At Berba we encourage creativity and self-responsibility, you have an open field of possibilities to develop yourself and meet all your challenges as a Product Manager.

Why is machine translation post-editing important?

Post editing

Everyone has seen embarrassing or funny translations on menus, t-shirts and advertisements. Laminated salad? Shrimp to the garlic? These types of mistakes usually originate from poor computer translations, and human translators can easily fix these errors. This is where machine translation post-editing (MTPE) comes in. Although machine translation is much better nowadays than it was […]

Understanding how to translate: Technique types that experts use

translate technique

If you aren’t involved in the translation field, you might think of translation as a straightforward task – simply exchanging words in one language for the same words in another. Sometimes that works well, like using ‘agua’ to say ‘water’ in Spanish. However, this type of direct-translate technique doesn’t usually work well because languages are […]

Video game localisation: What is it?

video game localization

Even if you love video games, you might be surprised at how big the industry is. About three billion people around the world are active video gamers. That’s almost 40% of the world’s population.  Half of these gamers are in Asia, and the biggest gaming countries are China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany […]

How to translate official documents: tips

traducir documentos oficiales

Every day, people around the world need to translate official documents for various reasons. The most common situations involve travel, work and immigration, but any process that involves interacting with another government might require official document translation.  Whether you are going overseas for education, working on an international project, or moving to a new country, […]

Transcreation: how it works and who needs it


Imagine you work for months on a marketing campaign. You’re satisfied with the results, and you invest even more time and money in launching your product in another country. But then you find out your slogan means something offensive or ridiculous when translated into the target language.  This is what happened with Pepsi’s tagline ‘Come […]

The top 5 reasons to translate web pages

Are you looking to translate web page content for your business? You might be wondering whether it’s worth the time and money, and the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.  It may seem like most people speak English nowadays, but the number is lower than you might think. Experts estimate that 20% to 25% of people […]

 7 Types of Translation Your Business Needs

Translation refers to the process of changing written text from one language to another. Given the globalisation of today’s world, more documents than ever are being translated every day.  Small and large businesses alike need to reach global audiences, and they often have clients and employees who speak different languages. Having quality translations makes sure […]