Berba is featured in the Disruption Everywhere podcast

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Over the past months, Berba has been rapidly growing while constantly improving our services to deliver top-notch translations. As a result, we’ve been progressively winning our consumers’ trust all over the world. We advocate for a different type of translation: combining human translators with the speed and precision of AI tools to guarantee the best translation services out in the market.

As a fast-rising start-up conceived with the goal of breaking down language barriers, our work has been noticed by several key players in the start-up world, including those focused on reinventing and disrupting business as usual. We’re especially excited to announce that Berba is going to be featured in the Disruption Everywhere podcast!

This podcast, hosted by emerging technology veteran Frank Makrides, features start-ups that are disrupting their industries and discusses how they are impacting our world. Disruption Everywhere podcast brings insightful conversations and interviews with industry-leading experts, exploring cutting-edge ideas, products, and businesses that are changing their sectors. 

Makrides will be sitting down with Berba co-founder, CCO and Head of Product, Marguerite Halley, to discuss what differentiates Berba from other players in the market as well as the future of AI in the translation industry. Listen in to hear what tools we are using to improve some of the biggest issues surrounding translations services and how we are working to change the translation industry with our ground-breaking approach. You can listen to Disruption Everywhere on your preferred podcast platform, including on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and Spotify. Follow now to not miss out on this and other amazing interviews with change-makers.

Are you planning on expanding to new markets? Contact us and let us help you internationalize your business in the easiest way possible.