Berba maintains its specialized service for documentation related to COVID-19

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Due to the magnitude and expansion of COVID-19 and its vaccination period, Berba understands how important it is to release relevant documents and information in the native language of affected countries to facilitate the comprehension and the spread of important information.  

To this end, Berba is committed to translating any document, warning, guide, manual, etc. that would help to inform or assist affected persons.

In order to make this initiative viable, sustainable and beneficial for all parties involved, we are reducing the price of any translations related to this event by 30% of the standard price. 

So we can provide this service as efficiently as possible, we ask that any public institution, state organization or health professional send any documents that need translation to the following email: using the subject line “COVID Translation”.

Any documents with this subject line will be considered high priority, and as such will be provided an estimate with an accelerated deadline. We will use our knowledge and experience to deliver any translation at the highest quality.

If the coronavirus isn’t limited by borders, the information needed to eradicate it shouldn’t be either.


The Berba team

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