Agency for Amazon

Amazon translations

With a global team that is growing by leaps and bounds, this agency for Amazon works to optimize and increase product sales in marketplaces all over the world. Its rapid expansion demanded a translation service that lived up to its expectations. This is where Berba came into play.

The perfect match

Facing the launching of one of its subsidiaries, this agency for Amazon needed a partner that could manage part of its translation process. After extensive research on the ecosystem of companies specializing in e-commerce and translation, it found Berba.

In less than a year, Berba has translated and adapted almost 1.000.000 words –and counting– for this agency, covering products from diverse sectors, including cosmetics and babies’ accessories as well as legal documents. Such has been the level of productivity and trust in Berba’s team that the entire company has begun to work with Berba –including their head office. Some of the languages we’ve translated for this European leading agency include German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, and Japanese.

Extraordinary collaboration

The collaboration between Berba and this agency for Amazon has been a win-win. Our fluid and constant communication has allowed us to cooperatively develop joint working processes, not only focused on project management tools but also on the interaction between both teams during the translation and quality management process, using programs like Asana and Slack. 

Our work goes far beyond translations. Together we are learning and improving our procedures to offer the best service following the highest quality standards. 

Fast and quality service

Due to our personalized service and attention to detail, our team of translators specialized in Amazon, e-commerce, and marketing have adjusted their translations to the tone and instructions specified by this leading agency and its clients.

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