Due to the high volume of contact requests, it might take some time to reply. Thanks for your patience

Due to the high volume of contact requests, it might take some time to reply.

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What is Berba?

We combine the best of two worlds: real human translators and powerful AI technology.

Berba uses Artificial Intelligence to coordinate translators from all over the world and to audit the quality of our translations, ensuring an international team of the best professional translators working on our projects at any time.

Our competitive advantage

We find the native translators that best suit a project in any language combination and manage the translation process from start to finish, saving both time and money. Our top advantages:

Faster delivery​

We deliver translations 3 times faster than the industry average thanks to automated collaboration between translators located in 24 different time zones.​

Verified quality ​

We guarantee consistent quality thanks to our internal validation process and audits between translators. ​

Personal assistance ​

Our experts manage all projects from start to finish, so clients don’t lose time calling and emailing translators. ​

Live Tracking​

Users follow their translations in real-time. Thanks to our Client Portal, everyone knows where the project stands during every step of the translation process.

Key Numbers

2.56 M

Translated words




Retention rate

… and we’re proud to have worked with 120 clients, including


Our Track Record


Our Growth Plan

Berba’s main objective is to be the TOP 1 largest e-commerce localization provider in Europe  and the 10 worldwide in 5 years. To achieve this, our goal is set on 16 million euros in yearly revenue by 2025.

Market Growth by geographical distribution

The Nimdzi study, which analyses the size and state of the language service industry, identifies Europe and Asia as the markets with the highest growth potential. These data are perfectly aligned with Berba’s expansion plan, which aims to establish itself in the European market and is committed to having presence in Asia, starting with China. 

More information is available for download here:

The founders

Thomas Trincado – CEO 

Berba was born out of a passion for languages, a deep interest in artificial intelligence, and an eagerness to ease communication across cultures. We have the possibility to take to the next level how technology evolves hand in hand with humans.

Diego Andrés – CMO

Think about Berba’s marketing strategy is fascinating. A product that can be expanded to any country so quickly is mind-blowing. Even more when you know that your company has no problem speaking any language in the world, obviously. 

Marguerite Halley – CPO

Each of the products we are going to develop will revolutionise the language industry. We are not here to be just another digital agency, our solutions are born and grow from the conviction of solving real problems that no one has solved to date.

Beñat Espiña – CTO

The technological challenges that we face at Berba are amazing. We are going to improve the existing technology, bringing onboard the best talent in AI and Machine Learning combined with recognised linguists. Can’t wait to see the results.

The Round

To take Berba to the next level, we’ve opened a round of 1.5 million euros to be distributed as follows:

Internationalisation & technology

45% of our investment will be focused on internationalisation efforts, where marketing and sales will play a key role. The remaining 55% will be focused on developing products that, in addition to being disruptive in the industry, will allow us to improve our quality, reduce our direct costs and decrease the needs of human resources.

All about us

We can’t wait to talk to you in-depth about our product, ambitions, road maps, financials, KPIs…

but first, we need to know who you are.

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