SEO positioning in English: The advantages of optimizing your web content

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Does your company speak French, German or Japanese? Well, what about English? SEO positioning in English is the marketing strategy your company needs if you are planning to expand your project into other markets and don’t want to waste precious funds in the process.

According to Ethnologue magazine, 360 million people use English as their first language, and another 500 million speak it as a second language. In light of these figures, it’s impossible to deny the obvious: English is a universal language. 

It’s also the common language of business and commercial relationships. Without it, we lose competitiveness, expansion capacity, and the ability to integrate into the international market. 

If your goal is to attract the global audience that still doesn’t know about your brand and get in the good graces of Google, creating SEO-friendly content in English is essential. You will increase your visibility and your company’s web traffic wherever you plan to settle.

In this article, we explain in detail the benefits of adapting your SEO content to Shakespeare’s language. 

Advantages of adapting SEO to English

There are multiple advantages to committing to English SEO positioning of your website or e-commerce. Below we have detailed the most important ones:

Gain an international web presence

English is the language with the largest presence on the Internet and the most used in Google searches.

Internet World Stats shared in march 2020 its research about the number of global Internet users by language. English emerged as the clear winner, with 25.9% of Internet users navigating in this language. On the other hand, only 3.3% of users browse the Internet in French, 2.6% in Japanese, and only 2.0% in German. In addition, the number of English-speaking Internet users has grown by 742.9% in the last 20 years. 

With those percentages in mind, it’s quite clear that adapting your SEO content to English will increase the number of visits to your website and, therefore, the international scope of your business. 

A search for keywords is also necessary to ensure the correct positioning of your website in English. This way, you will know which terms or words your potential customers use when looking for your products or services, and you will be sure to obtain better results easily. 

Sell in other countries

In a world without physical barriers on international commerce, it’s essential to take advantage of globalization to sell your products to a global audience. 

SEO positioning in English is a decisive tool in helping you achieve a higher website conversion rate. 

A great strategy to start optimizing your website and increasing your conversions is to work on the positioning of all the elements related to your sales channels. For example, the product or service sheets, the pages accessed by users who convert, or the purchase funnel. 

Don’t rack your brain

Committing to SEO positioning in English doesn’t mean you have to create a specific strategy completely different from what you have in Spanish. Translating and adapting that strategy to the new context and target audience will be enough. 

Another benefit of adapting your SEO content to English is that you continue optimising your web 24/7, without enormous effort or investing money. It’s not the case with Google Ads, where you stop showing up in Google search results when the budget runs out.

Get ahead of your competitors

There are still a great number of local companies that don’t dare to take the leap to the international market and prefer to keep selling their products in their country of origin. 

By transcreating your SEO content to English, you will be able to stand out amongst your competitors. Search out the keywords and the message that will resonate best with your English-speaking public, and get ready to see your traffic go through the roof. 

But… watch out!

While having an English SEO strategy is essential to guaranteeing your company’s visibility in your target markets, you must also keep in mind certain aspects in order to achieve the top positions.

Translate your website content into English

It may seem obvious, but it isn’t. Positioning a website in English whose content is written in another language doesn’t make much sense. To ensure that all your efforts don’t fall on deaf ears, you first have to adapt your website to English and then take care of the SEO content. 

Sri Sharma from Net Media Planet stated that, on average, companies witness a 70% increase in conversion when they translate all of their website content. 

Several plugins make the website translation task easier, including WPML for WordPress. 

Trust professional bilingual translators

To ensure that your SEO positioning strategy in English is clear and effective, you must have a team of professional bilingual translators. They will manage the translation of your SEO website content by understanding the culture and context of the place where you plan to expand. Therefore, your brand’s message will resonate with the potential audience.

What’s more, 70% of Internet users that visit a poorly-translated website abandon it immediately, according to the agency Marketing Edyals. To avoid this, it’s essential to have a team of prepared and specialised linguists that can guarantee the success of your SEO positioning in English.

Remember, SEO is a long-distance race

You must know that if you decide to adapt your SEO website content to English, the results won’t be visible from one day to another. You will have to keep optimizing your site and performing small maintenance tasks once in a while.

Starting your positioning strategy takes time, and requires effort, dedication, and patience to guarantee online success. Simply by understanding it as a long-term strategy and dedicating time and resources to it, you will get excellent results, and it will be very difficult for others to bump you from the first browser search results.

If you think that SEO positioning in English is the strategy your company needs to increase its online international presence and carve out a niche on the Internet without increasing costs, contact us. At Berba, we have a team of translators specialised in marketing, SEO, and advertising to adapt your SEO content to your English-speaking audience.

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