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Slogans and persuasive wording often don’t make sense in other languages and cultures – and translating your message verbatim can lead to confusing or even offensive results. If you’re launching a product or business in a new language, Berba’s transcreation services can help you develop effective and engaging content that conveys your message to your target audience in an accurate and powerful way. To find out more, fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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What is transcreation?

You might be wondering, What does ‘transcreation’ mean? Do I need it? If you’re looking for slogan translation or help with advertising campaigns, chances are you’d benefit from working with a transcreation company like Berba. Transcreation involves changing words from one language to another like translation does, but what makes it different is that it prioritises the content’s overall meaning rather than a word-for-word interpretation. A common transcreation definition is ‘creative translation’ because it mixes translation with creative copywriting and sometimes even design.

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The goal of transcreation services is to ensure that content impacts the audience in the target language the same way it does in the original. It might involve changing colours, design, metaphors, idioms or photos to be more effective and culturally appropriate for the target audience. In a nutshell, it prevents companies from releasing slogans like Electrolux’s famous ‘Nothing sucks like an Electrolux’.
Some examples of transcreation that’ve worked well include Intel and Red Bull. In Brazil, the slogan ‘Intel: Sponsors of Tomorrow’ didn’t send the right message because in Portuguese it could imply that Intel take too long getting things done. So the team changed it to ‘Intel: In Love with the Future’, which was much more in line with what the company wanted to convey.

One of the best transcreation examples that includes elements other language includes Red Bull, the energy drink. In China, the transcreation process included changing the cans to red and gold because the colours signify luck or prestige. They even decided to remove the carbonation to be more appealing.

Why choose Berba as your transcreation agency?

To assist you with transcreation for advertising, we use native translators with experience in the local culture and transcreation, meaning they know exactly how to make your message impactful and compelling. Regardless of your target country or language, Berba has experts who can help you come across the way you want.
We also offer competitive prices and services for streamlining your projects. Because we provide many language combinations and specialisations, you can simplify your translation and transcreation projects for multiple languages by using Berba for all of them. And you get all this at prices 30% lower than the industry average. When it comes to slogans and advertising needs, Berba’s transcreation services are a great solution. We’ve got you covered!


Transcreation services we offer

Slogan translation​

Translating your slogan word for word probably won’t project the right message to a multicultural audience. This happens because literary devices such as idioms, double entendres, and puns usually lose their essence when translated into other languages. And verbatim translations can even lead to serious errors, like the famous examples in this article about KFC, Coors and other top brands.

Berba will make sure your headlines, taglines and slogans have the same impact and provoke the same feeling in the target language as they do in the original language. This type of high-quality transcreation of advertising material can significantly improve how your business or product is received.

Our offer for transcreation services

Interpreting Services

Personal project manager

A personal project manager oversees each of Berba’s transcreation services projects from beginning to end. They guide and support you through the transcreation process and make sure your documents are delivered correctly and on time. This means that you don’t have to worry about the details, so you can spend more time on other important tasks.

guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

We systematically audit our translators to guarantee consistent quality. And when you’re dealing with your company’s main image and message, it’s crucial to have dependable and informed experts working on your projects. We hire translators with experience in providing high-quality transcreation services, and they know how to handle complicated transcreation-specific issues.

Live tracking

Using the client portal, you can view the status of your project every step of the way. With Berba, you can use our transcreation services anywhere in the world and get live updates whenever you need. Whether you’re looking for a transcreation agency in the UK, Spain or Japan, you can rely on Berba to meet your needs and deliver superb transcreation results.

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