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75% of online customers prefer to make purchases in their own language. How much traffic are you turning away by not offering your website in your users’ native languages? Using website translation and localization services to translate your website is the first step in internationalizing your company. Get an instant quote for our website translation services by filling out this form.

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Why choose Berba's website language translation services?

More than 3/4 of all internet browsing happens in languages other than English. Having a web presence that your international audience understands is now more important than ever. By working with website translation agencies to create content in the different languages of the markets you are planning to enter, you’ll increase your website’s traffic and get better visibility. Website translation localisation services can also help you reach new audiences and show your clients that you prioritise their needs.

Website Translation Services

Professional website translation services for ecommerce

More and more companies are creating their websites using content management systems (CMSs) because they make it easy to manage and publish content. At Berba, we translate and localise websites hosted on a variety of CMSs, including but not limited to WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Shopify. When you use our website translation services, you have the option to receive your translated content in HTML, Microsoft Word, Excel or JSON format to enter the content yourself. Or, we can work with your tech team to install one of our partner plugins to extract the text from your CMS and then insert the translated text in its place. Schedule a call with a team member today to learn more about using our translation services for your website.

Translate a WordPress website

This platform is the most widely used CMS on the market. A whopping 30% of websites around the world are WordPress-based sites. At Berba, we know the importance of supporting WordPress in website translation services, and we want to make it easier for you to manage and update all the multilingual content of your website without ever having to leave WordPress. That’s why we've partnered with WPML.

WPML is a low-cost plugin that manages translations in multiple languages of all your content across your WordPress site. It has a feature that lets you dynamically send pages, posts and even strings of text to Berba for translation directly from WordPress and then download the translations to your site. You can keep your website up-to-date in any language, with no code or content entry needed!

Translate a Shopify website

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that supports more than 1 million vendors around the world. Our team can help you install the low-cost Langify plugin, which allows us to translate your website without the need for you to enter the translations yourself. Or, we can work with you to determine the best way to translate your store using your existing plugin.

Translate a Magento website

About 12% of all online stores around the world are build on Magento. Our team can help you install the Smartcat plugin, which allows us to translate your website with no need for you to enter the translations yourself. Or, we can work with you to determine the best way to translate your store using your existing plugin.

Translate a Drupal website

More than 1 million sites use Drupal to organize their content. It’s a particularly popular CMS for enterprise websites. Our team can help you set up the translation management tool (TMGMT) module, which allows us to translate your website with no need for you to enter the translations yourself. Or, we can work with you to determine the best way to translate your store using your existing plugin.

Human proofing for website translation

At Berba, our website translation service is performed by native translators who follow the highest quality standards. As part of our website translation services, we offer proofreading by humans to make sure idioms and double meanings are correct and that grammatical mistakes are avoided. This means that your website will resonate with the local market, guaranteed, whether you’re looking for website translation services for the UK, Spain or anywhere else in the world.

Ecommerce website translation agency

Our ecommerce translation services

If you have an online business, working with a website translation agency can help you expand into new markets. Berba has experience providing high-quality ecommerce translations and optimisations, including Amazon product files, FAQ sections and product descriptions. To receive high-quality translations, make sure you work with one of the best translation services websites.

Web translation

Have an e-Commerce website? We offer a specialization in e-Commerce translations.

Our offer for website translations services

With Berba, you’ll get your translations fast thanks to our automated collaboration of over 4,000 translators in 24 different time zones.​ Our translation service website offers a client portal and access to translators 24/7, and if you are looking for the best website translation services, consider what Berba has offer for your project.


All the languages you need in one place

We have more than 700 language combinations and 11 specialisations on our platform. If you need website translation services for multiple languages, using Berba for all of the them can save you time and money.

reasonable prices

Reasonable prices

Our translators don’t need to be their own marketers, financial analysts or service agents. That’s why our price is 30% lower than the industry average, making us the best choice for many companies seeking website translation services.


24/7 translators

Our practically unlimited base of native translators located in 24 time zones allows us to process massive projects in a fraction of the time. Having your work completed faster means you can spend more time on other important tasks.

personal project manager

Personal Project Manager

A personal Project Manager will manage your project from the beginning. It will be your guide and support throughout the process and will ensure that your documents are delivered in the agreed form and date, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

Our systematic audits of translators guarantee consistent quality. And when you are dealing with your company’s image and message, it’s crucial to ensure you’re using the highest quality website translation services.

Live tracking

Live tracking

Using the client portal, you can view the status of your translation during every step of the process. In addition, personal project managers handle all translation projects, ensuring that your document is delivered by the established date and time.

Featured Clients

Boxify was conceived to help you find an original, different, and unique gift in less than a minute. This platform that sends surprise gifts in personalized boxes already sells around all Europe. Boxify used an automatic translation plugin to open its business to new markets, but the translations were low quality and blaringly incorrect at times. Berba helped them internationalize their Shopify store by translating product names, product descriptions and messaging into French and German.

Frikitek is a web design and digital marketing agency. Their mission is to put an end to poorly-made websites and they put all their effort and creativity into it. After translating their clients' websites into five different languages, and Berba has now become their partner for internationalising content.

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Berba partners with WPML

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