What is specialised translation

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What differentiates specialised translation from general translation is the terminological and technical difficulty level. This type of translation has to do with areas of knowledge where specific expertise is required and it’s challenging because of the highly specialised technical information required in addition to multilingual skills. 

In contrast to general translation, specialised translation calls for expert knowledge in specified fields and may include complex terminology in the text. Consequently, it requires higher language proficiency, as well as knowledge and expertise in the subject. Furthermore, the etymology of these special phrases or terms may vary from one language to another, or even between dialects of the same language, thus involving additional research for accuracy and appropriateness. 

For multinational businesses, it is undeniably important to hire a specialised translator who has a mastery of the source and target languages.


Specialised translation areas


Depending on the scope and specification of your business, you can choose any type of our specialised translation services:

  • Legal translation

  • Business and Finance translation

  • Marketing, SEO, Transcreation

  • Amazon localization

  • App translation

  • Manufacturing and Engineering translation

  • Beauty, Fashion & Cosmetics translation

  • Medical Translation

  • Technology and Software translation

  • Video games localization

Why are specialised translation rates often higher?


This type of translation often costs more than general business translation, and may take longer. The extra cost and time will vary according to:

  1. The level of scientific or technical knowledge needed for the project
  2. The number of specialised translators available in the required language
  3. The demand for those translators

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