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As a fast-growing start-up, we work to offer the best experience to our customers, combining personalized and detail-oriented service with the highest quality and fast turnaround times. Our partnership with WPML establishes a direct bridge between our translation platform and your website’s content — no code needed!

How translating with Berba can help you​


Our team of experts tailors solutions and support to your business, according to your needs, time constraints, and resources. We advocate a very personalized service and fluent communication to improve your experience and become your ally when it comes to internationalizing your website.


Berba’s team of native translators is specialized in writing for the web and takes your unique strategic approach into account, adapting the content based on SEO and cultural context.


We deliver 3 times faster than the industry average thanks to automated collaboration between specialized translators located in 24 different time zones, which ensures translators are available to work 24/7 on clients’ translations.


We create a unique translation memory for your company where all previous translations are stored, so we avoid translating the same sentence twice, saving you time and money.


More than 700 language combinations, over 4.000 translators, 11 content specializations and all in 1 platform. Forget about headaches and losing time answering long emails or calls (unless you’re into that), and leave it in our hands!


Guaranteed, consistent quality thanks to systematic audits between translators.

Take your website global with Berba today!

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Take your website global with Berba today!

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Our Guarantee

We only send the bill after you're satisfied with the translation.

Any changes to the translation are done at no additional charge.

All documents are subject to a confidentiality agreement with Berba and its translators.


Fast and professional. They have native translators who guarantee their translations will be easy to comprehend, understanding the context and adapting it to the corresponding language.

Thais Ribera


Digital Marketer

Since we started working with Berba, translation problems have been reduced to practically zero. The response time to our requests is less than 1 day. This is something that we value highly internally at Jeff because, at our growth and work pace, we need fast and flexible solutions.

Javier Marin


Communication and Public Relations​

I needed to translate legal documents to Turkish, Hungarian, Greek and Romanian, and I couldn’t find an agency that offered all of these languages. Berba was the perfect solution, and I received all four documents in a few days.

Jon Torrado


Head of Product​

We hired Berba to translate our website into two languages. In addition to their speed, they kindly answered some questions we had about the translations. The best translation services we have hired.

Clara del Río



I needed a quick translation for a presentation I had the next morning. I got it back in 2 hours. I’m impressed by the speed!

Idoia Iturbe​



Working in digital marketing, a quick turnaround is vital. Thanks to Berba, we could complete various translations to languages we don’t use often in our everyday lives both on time and at a reasonable price. When a campaign calls for a translation with a rapid response, Berba is a great ally for internationalizing your content.

Fernan Díez


Digital Project Manager​​

About us

Berba was born out of a passion for languages, a deep interest in technology and artificial intelligence, and an eagerness to ease communication across cultures.

Language is a complex tool used by humans, constantly changing and finding creative ways to explain new realities. This is why we believe in people to deliver the best possible translation.

Having worked with all sorts of advanced technology, we also believe in the power of artificial intelligence to craft consistent quality translations in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. At Berba, we have combined the best aspects of human translation and AI to create authentic, natural- sounding translations quickly.

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