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Banking on connection: How localisation efforts helped Fazil reach a young international audience

Fazil is a neobank that identifies with new generations, which does not seek to compete with or replace traditional banking, but rather to act as a support which helps people with their financial management.

As you can tell from their name, they seek to make day-to-day finances easy and convenient from a simple, human standpoint. This is achieved thanks to their range of solutions and products designed by and for real people.

What did they need?

Despite targeting the Spanish public, they realised that they were increasingly attracting the attention of foreigners living in Spain. They also found that many people, even though they spoke Spanish, had English or French as the preferred language on their smartphones. For this reason, making the application available in these two languages was a logical step forward.

Why Berba?

Berba offered a wide pool of translators not only specialised in financial fields, but marketing as well. Both areas are of key importance to the company as they also needed to translate some promotional content to engage their target audience: young people who want to move away from traditional banks.

From there, the flexibility and simplicity of the translation services, together with quick responses and compliance with time and delivery schedules, mean that the fate of Fazil and Berba continues to be linked with prospects for the future.

How was the experience?

"Berba provided us with skilled translators who not only comprehended the brand tone we developed in Spanish but also effectively adapted it to different markets while preserving our distinctive style."
Ignacio Santos

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