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Fast translation of online business tools

AirSlate offers the best experience for the digital transformation of any type of company. Their solutions (pdfFiller, DocHub, signNow, US Legal Forms, and airSlate) make it possible to create a simple and automated document workflow in which it is easy to manage the day-to-day running of a business digitally. Creating, editing, electronically signing documents, and automating these workflows is simple, no matter where in the world each team member is located.

What did they need?

Immersed in a process of internationalisation, they realised that they were wasting a lot of time waiting for the delivery of their website localisations. And this caused the team to sit idle for too long. A company that is in the business of making other people’s work easier couldn’t waste its time with a translation agency that couldn’t keep up.

Why Berba?

AirSlate’s modular management system offers some unique challenges. Fortunately, Berba’s team of translators has worked very closely with the company to adapt from the outset and offer translated content in a timely manner. This way, the team at airSlate only has to worry about putting the translated pieces in the right place, knowing that they will fit perfectly.

Berba’s translators work on translating both content for the airSlate website and software. In the first case, translators mainly take care of localising pages, taking special care with titles and descriptions. While in the second, special attention is paid to the tools and buttons of its PDF editing application. In order to carry out all this work, airSlate provides the translation team with its files in Google Sheets format and, once they have been translated into the target language, their return is managed by translators through the Memsource platform.

AirSlate also uses the proofreading service. The company has its own machine translation tool and relies on our translators to proofread its own translations, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. In this case, translators work with files in XLIFF format which, as in the previous case, are managed through Memsource.

Translating a company’s content with its own file management and editing system, which also integrates with other applications such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, is no easy feat. However, airSlate’s ambition to reach a wider audience is all the more reason to provide them with a team specialised not only in the languages of the countries they are reaching, but also in software and technology. It is equally important to know the target language as it is to know the subject matter. Only with this combination we have managed to ensure that the website and applications are transmitted in the same way in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. And we hope that, in the near future, this number of languages will continue to increase.

How was the experience?

“We haven’t had any complaints about quality. We haven’t had any complaints about the turnover time. And these two are the most important criteria we use when selecting professionals to translate a product.”
Ivan Ganchak
UX writer

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