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Platform translation


English to +15 european & Asian languages

Translating a platform for expert teachers with native translators

Preply is the portal to knowledge. Anyone can immerse themselves in language and subject learning with native and specialised teachers from all over the world through its platform and application. They focus on the students and do their utmost to make it as easy as possible for them and their tutors to achieve their goals. Languages ranging from English to sign language; and subjects such as photo editing, programming or even acting are all on the same platform.

What did they need?

As an international organisation, they had to be clear and understandable to audiences in all countries, both teachers and students. Adapting and correctly localising the information on the platform to each country and language improves the user experience and makes each tool more approachable, transparent and easier to understand. Initially, they worked with a few trusted linguists, but with the expansion to more territories, more texts, blogs, information, materials, etc., they had to adapt, so they needed a specialised partner to whom they could entrust this very specific workload.

Why Berba?

Preply came to Berba thanks to some recommendations from acquaintances and good customer reviews. And they decided to stay due to skill, flexibility and commitment to deadlines.

A portal dedicated to offering knowledge in subjects and, above all, in languages, needed professionals up to the task and with the capacity to cover all its tools. This made us the perfect team thanks to our great combination of languages ready to be translated. As a result, so far we have translated content for Preply into 15 different languages.

We have mainly worked on corporate blog articles, with articles related to language learning and their corresponding SEO optimisation. In addition, other titles and meta-descriptions are also used to ensure that positioning is optimal in each market. Slide presentations are also translated, mainly for internal communication purposes. All of this content is worked on in Google formats, namely Docs and Presentations. In addition to translation, Preply occasionally uses a proofreading service to ensure the highest quality of content in every language.

How was the experience?

“We work with Berba's translators because we really appreciate how they meet deadlines and pick up any of our requests, the same as nice and clear communication. Berba helps to cover volumed tasks and localize specific context types, such as legal documents, marketing, and software. Translation can be delivered in different tools of formatting, up to our choice. Also, being able to choose preferred linguists has been really helpful”.
Marta Sydorets
Localization Project Manager

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